Gomsil was born in 2008 from the idea of its founder, Mr Stefano Marchiotto, who after a long business experience with the most important Italian companies of the sealing gaskets market, has a strategic intuition: a new company in Bulgaria with an innovative plant in which rubber, silicone and Viton sealing gaskets, automotive and watertight technical components etc. can be produced.Contact us now!
Gomsil is specialised in the manufacturing of technical components, such as rubber and silicone sealing gaskets for heat pumps. This components avoid gas, vapour, odour etc. emissions, in order to guarantee thermal-energy saving and environmental conservation. Our company is organised into two different plants, ensuring the production scheduling processes.Our products

Product and Service

Here are some of our main services.


Our company supplies high-quality gaskets in any color, hardness and diameter from 55 mm to 400 mm, making use of up-to-date technology and machinery.
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Our equipments from 100 tons to 350 tons capacity are constantly overhauled to guarantee the maximum efficiency.
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Our mission is to reach higher-quality standards. Thanks to our skilled technicians who have put quality controls into every step of the manufacturing process.
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